Posted by: Becky Chan | June 5, 2007

Structure 2: June 5, 2007– Recovery of the 2006 Tile

  The speed of our dirt removal increased dramatically after we were made aware of a ceramic tile marking the last previously excavated level and the bottom of the backfilling.  As we dug down over a meter into the structure, we eventually found the tile, marked with information about the site, the excavators and other details. The locating of the tile was not the end of the backfill removal process.  During our second day of backfill removal, we began to dig out the trench south of the main part of Structure 2.  Our progress was momentarily interrupted when one of our crew members found a small snake amongst her shovel full of dirt.  Unfortunately due to strong winds, we were forced to pack up early and head back to Winslow.



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