Posted by: Madhumita Basu | June 6, 2007

South Extramural Area: June 6, 2007

  Today, we opened up our unit for which the grid points are N96m-97m and E501m-505m. Our goal right now is to completely take off the first layer of light-colored sand using shovels. As our guide, we are using a distinctive profile in a trench excavated during the 2006 field season. The picture on the left shows that trench with a North arrow. To the west, you can partically see the profile. The light-colored layer shows distinctive cross-bedding that is caused by the wind blowing sand in dunes in the desert. This layer is quite recent, deposited probably in the last 200 years or so. The reddish layer that we are trying to reach underneath is much older. The red layer is more important to us because there might be cultural deposits there; the light-colored layer isn’t as important and that is why we are treating it as one single level. If we don’t find anything of cultural importance then we will continue to shovel through; if we do find something, such as a high concentration of artifacts or any change in soil color, then we will have to stop and change our excavation strategy. So far, we have dug out about 10 cm of the light-colored sand layer. Let’s see what we come upon next!



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