Posted by: HUROP | June 8, 2007

South Extramural Area: June 8, 2007

  Continuing from June 7th, Annelise, Leah, Madhumita, and Tanner, headed by Uthara, progressed on removing the eolian and fluvial overburden that had come to build up over the cultural deposits in their one by four meter archaeological unit. During this day all of the overburden was removed from the unit and the first artifacts were discovered in the transitional zone. The floor of the unit was brought to level with the lower cultural deposits, the walls were profiled, and the original one by four meter unit was broken down into two one by two meter sections. Excavation of the cultural deposits was decided to occur in 10 centimeter strata, and the topmost of these strata began just before days end.



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