Posted by: Danielle Forsyth | June 8, 2007

Structure 2: June 8, 2007

  Since the snake and intense wind incidents, the crew has made exciting progress- we finally got to put away our shovels! After all of the dirt was cleared away from on top of the geotextile, we removed the cloth and calculated the elevations of each of the deep trench’s main points using a machine called a transit. We then compared the elevations that we calculated to the elevations from last year to make sure we were starting were the previous crew had left off. After we verified that our elevations were fairly similar, we moved on to the longer and shallower trench and started profiling the east wall. Profiling is done with a trowel to flatten out the side view of the area that you are planning on excavating. The idea is to make each stratum more apparent so that you can get an idea on how many and what kinds of layers you will be digging through. After we finished smoothing out the profile, excitement began to build among the crew… Soon we will start excavating!



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