Posted by: josephrb | June 12, 2007

East Extramural Area: June 12, 2007

Although our hopes were tempered early with Dr. Young’s disclaimer that it was likely we wouldn’t find many artifacts in our area, our pottery and lithic sample bags continue to fill and bulge.  While the sediment is often cemented and dry – thus requiring more energy to dig through, the frequent appearences of stone tool debitage and geometrically patterned black on white pottery sherds gives the effort some immediate rewards.  A projectile point was found today – missed on the initial clearing but fortunately recovered at the screening station.  Even more exciting was the surface that began to emerge in the western 2m of the trench (visible in the photo towards the top as an black charcoal and ashy splotch).  While early guesses (or hopes) as to the significance have yet to be shared, the next day or so should put this mystery to rest.  In terms of other features, the late addition fallen wall continues to be revealed (visible horizontally bisecting the photo), albeit much more in the western (top of photo) 2m than the eastern.  Despite patches of sand, charcoal, and caliche on the way down, the eastern 2m continues to yield only sherds and lithics.  Fortunately, the weather has been beyond merciful.  It rained last night – perhaps the Kachina dance we attended Saturday was successful – and it was cold enough today to require sweatshirts until late morning!



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