Posted by: William Swearson | June 12, 2007

Structure 1: June 12, 2007

Today we dug down to our third level at a depth of about 114 to 124 cm. We are still in an ash pocket which has made it somewhat easier to dig in. Our goal for this excavation unit is to examine the fill at the site after occupation stopped and to find the roof and floor structure of the kiva. Last week we open up a 1 meter by 3 meter trench adjacent to the 2 meter by 2 meter unit. We hope to find wall fall to give us a better idea of where the structure ends as well as the approximate size of it. The 1 by 3 meter unit has yielded nothing cultural so far. However this was expected due to the fact that we did not uncover anything in the 2 by 2 until the second level. By examining these two units we look forward to gaining insight into the general shape of the structure and more about the people who occupied it.

Mostly we have been finding pot sherds which have consisted of corrugated painted black on white and the occasional black on red. There has been an abundance of small animal bones and some larger ones in the ash layer. In addition we collected ash to do a floatation sample, which is a test to look for burnt seed and plant material. On Thursday a bone bead was found in the southwest corner of the unit. 



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