Posted by: Laura Ng | June 12, 2007

Structure 2: June 12, 2007

 Excavations at Structure 2 finally began after our crew created a 1 by 3 meter unit next to the long narrow trench we were profiling last week. In this unit, we dug down 10 cm and found a few artifacts such as pottery sherds and chipped stone. We hope to find the southern wall of Structure 2 in this unit but so far we have only hit upon disturbed fill. Disturbed fill is sediment that has been mixed around by natural forces such the wind and the river. In the deeper unit pictured, we have also began excavating and found cultural material such as fragments of animal bone, some chipped stone, some pottery sherds, and most exciting, a small worked shell! We are anxious to find the floor of this unit because it will help us understand what type of room Structure 2 was and how it was used hundreds of years ago.



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