Posted by: Annelise | June 13, 2007

South Extramural Area: June 13, 2007

Today we continued removing the 10-15 cm of strata from our two connected one meter by two meter units. In the Eastern most unit, sandstone rocks began to emerge from the southern wall. They are not exactly in line with the wall that was discovered last year, which lies just west of our units, but look to be part of it nonetheless. The line of rocks bends southward and emerged at a shallower depth. In addition, there are a few scattered rocks in both units that appear to be wall fall. Also worth mentioning are small concetrations of charcoal flecks we have been digging through. We also discovered a darker, ashy spot, almost circular in shape, in the Southeast corner of the Eastern unit. It may be a posthole, so we left a centimeter or two high pedestal around it, mapped it, gave it it’s own provenience designation, and plan to bisect it as soon as both units are brought down to level (65 cm from the elevation stake of 100.12 m). Most of the Eastern unit has been levelled, with only walls left to be touched up. The Western unit has yet to be completely brought down the the correct depth, though we are mere centimeters away. Throughout this process we have been finding more pottery and lithics than were expected, but by no means as much as Khori’s team has been finding the garbage dump of Structure 1. In general we have been digging through a tannish-brown, hard clay soil.



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