Posted by: HUROP | June 14, 2007

South Extramural Area: June 14, 2007

Today, in our most eastern 1X2 (N96-97, E 503-503) we made it to level (65 cm from our elevation stake of 100.12 m) and we touched up our walls. This meant we were able to close it up and fill out all the paper work for the unit. The western unit however took the remainder of the day to reach level and straighten the walls. Even though it took the whole day, it was a relief to see it finished. Once we closed our Eastern unit, we started the new goal of 75 cm (from our elevation stake of 100.12 m) and we also started a cross section of our “post-hole.” We have not found much in the form of artifacts today due to we just started the new level, however we did find a bead and we may have started to unearth a shell, which is very exciting. Also what is very exciting for the team is the clay soil that has been very difficult to dig through has now been turning into a darker red sand as we get a little deeper. This makes digging a lot easier for the team.



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