Posted by: Robert Holcombe | June 14, 2007

Structure 2: June 14, 2007

10 cm deeper into last years excavation (for a total depth of almost 2 meters) and structure two is already beginning to “speak.” Our ultimate goal of finding the floor is on its way, bringing the answer to the mystery of how this structure was used within the Creswell community closer. So while we wait patiently and dig determinedly to the floor, here is what we can add to last year’s information. First, initially believed to be a wall, the rock stack at the top of the photo may now turn out to be a ventilation shaft designed to help bring a continuous stream of fresh air into the pit house and remove smoke from an as yet to be revealed hearth. Second, the stones cropping up through the floor may be the remains of a collapsed wall (called wall fall). The surrounding striated clay, believed to be wall plaster that fell along with the stones gives some weight to this idea. Finally, there is some debate as to whether the stones closest to the eastern portion of the room might turn out to be the hearth. For now, the unearthing continues… 



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