Posted by: Angela Mallard | June 19, 2007

East Extramural Area: June 19, 2007


Finally, the trench is expanding! After finishing one unit, we have added a new unit to the east and began shoveling off the top layer of sediment (as well as removing an ill-placed bush).  In the picture above, you can see me shoveling it out on the right side. We did not put any of this layer of sediment through a screen because the soil is windblown and pretty much sterile. That is, it is highly unlikely that we would find any artifacts at all because of the newness of the layer. The new unit is trapezoidal in shape because we were having problems with the alignment of our grid in relation to other mapped points of the site. We thought our original trench lined up correctly, only to discover that we were wrong. The trapezoidal shape of this new unit serves as a correction to that error (at least as much of a correction as we could possibly make). Meanwhile, in the unit furthest west, we’ve been finding some very interesting artifacts. There was a square piece of groundstone, upside-down. We thought it was unusually square in comparison to the wall fall that we had been removing from the unit. When picked up, the piece of groundstone had a hemispherical hole in the center of the side that was on the ground. We think it is probably a mortar, used for grinding. It also had some sort of residue or pigment on it. Also in this unit, we’ve found a burnt corn cob, a three-sided mano, and a significant layer of ash.


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