Posted by: Kate Hammond | June 19, 2007

Structure 1: June 19, 2007

As of June 19th we have yet to hit the roof of structure one.  We are currently almost 50cm lower than where roof was found last year, so that leads us to believe that we are towards the center of the structure.  By using our deductive archaeological skills we know that when a roof collapses, the middle will collapse at a greater angle than the sides, therefore since we have yet to find the elusive roof, we deduce we are in the middle. Either that or we completely missed the that would be embarrassing!! On the bright side at least we are still able to use the pick axe.

The trench that we extended to the East is starting to come up with exciting finds.  We believe we have hit the wall of the pit structure.  The wall is not very visible in this photo but it is located in the north east corner of the trench.  A definite shape is not emerging so most likely it is wall slump.  This could have possibly been caused during a flooding period when the structure collapsed.  The amount of cultural material is also steadily decreasing which is another indication that we have found the wall.  It will be exciting to see where the wall will lead us.

Str 1 06-19-07


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