Posted by: Becky Chan | June 19, 2007

Structure 2: June 19, 2007

Although we remain puzzled by the eastern section of the structure, things have begun to get very interesting as we uncovered the darkened outline of a circle in the southwest corner of the structure.  The circle is now thought to be the remnants of a hearth.  We also believe we have found the floor of the structure, marked by compacted soil with flecks of calcium carbonate.  Although we are not sure where the floor continues throughout the bottom of the structure at the moment, we have come across some very interesting things on what we believe to be the floor, including a large grindstone, what we think is the impression of an uncooked corn cob, as well as a small post hole.  As we continue to excavate we will continue to define the structure floor as well as try to solve the mystery of the eastern portion of the structure.



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