Posted by: stephanieowens | June 21, 2007

Structure 1: June 21, 2007

Vertical pictures do not articulate this point well, but it is significant to note that our strata lay perfectly horizontal on top of each other. The nature of the deposits suggest, then, that we are indeed digging near the center of the strucutre. The finds are more-or-less the same as in previous entries: corrugated pot sherds, black on white pot sherds, animal bone (often burnt), and the occassional ground stone. Sometimes the bones are interesting, including rabbits, antelope, deer, and birds. 

In the side trench to the right of Molly Ray of the University of Arkansas, we have started to define the eastern wall of the structure, or so we think at this point. We are optimistic that continued work in this side trench, combined with excavations in 2006 and 1999, will allow us to define the shape of the structure.



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