Posted by: Leah Collins | June 26, 2007

South Extramural Area: June 26, 2007

Since last Thursday, the Pickaxe Punks have moved a lot of dirt. Both our 1×2’s which stretched from N96-97/E505-502 got finished. What made them be finished was having reached sterile soil (no more cultural fill is found in sterile soil) at about 73 cm below our elevation stake of 100.12 m. So after finishing those two units we were able to open two new ones. The Northings and Eastings for these new 1x2s are N95-96/E503-507.

While excavating the western new unit we made it down to 65 cm below our new elevation stake of 100.14 m. There were some interesting things that showed up. The first was a mysterious white blob that appeared. At first we thought it was a fallen over piece of sandstone from the wall, but that was quickly ruled out. After digging around it, we decided to call it Clache and we also sent a mineral sample and float sample of the material to the lab to be analyzed. The next interesting thing that appeared, or rather did not appear, was that after the last piece of sandstone wall, that was excavated in the previous unit, there seems to be no more sandstone. We did observe that the posthole excavated in the previous unit is right in front of the missing wall, which is similar to the posthole/ pit found near the wall gap in a previous unit. There just may be a connection to this. To see if the wall continues we will just have to wait for the eastern unit to get down to the level of the wall (~55cm below elevation stake).



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