Posted by: Laura Ng | June 26, 2007

Structure 2: June 26, 2007

In this photo you can see that we have been making great progress in our 1 by 3 unit. We have been finding a lot of cultural material but we still have not yet discovered the burned roof of the pithouse structure. You can also see that we have opened up a new 1 by 1 unit east of the trench where we hit the floor of our pithouse. We opened this small unit because we want to find the eastern wall of the pithouse to get an idea of the size and shape of the pithouse. We also want to know if the bench in the adjacent unit is actually a bench or a ventilator.


Below you can see one of our exciting finds, the sacrum of an animal.  Becky and Danielle are using specially shaped pottery tools and a brush to carefully excavate the bone.



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