Posted by: Angela Mallard | June 28, 2007

East Extramural Area: June 28, 2007

Once again, our trench is about to expand. Joseph has finished excavating the eastern-most unit after reaching the sterile, pre-occupation soil. Now he will soon be starting a new unit to follow our wall to the north. At the eastern wall of his now-finished unit, we may have evidence of the edge of Structure 1. Meanwhile, Katy continues to follow the wall to the south. She has been working around (and removing) a great deal of rocks fallen from the wall, and is still searching for the wall’s corner. Today she also unearthed a sizeable white rim sherd with a nice black design that one of our contacts, a park ranger and accomplished Hopi potter, says is a water symbol. In my unit (third from the left in the photograph) I continue to dig deeper in an effort to find out what the plaza space might have been used for. I have hardly found any artifacts this week, which I was prepared for. There has been a drop in the number of artifacts as we get further away from the wall.

As a side note, today was also Teacher Day here at Homol’ovi. As part of their program, the teachers toured the Creswell Pueblo site and we were able to explain our excavations to them. Thanks to all who participated in this special event – we enjoyed sharing our discoveries with you!



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