Posted by: Tanner Whetstone | June 28, 2007

South Extramural Area: June 28, 2007

The Pickaxe Punx are back on the trail of our mystery wall! The Western 1×2 (N95-96 E503-505) has developed several features: a large ash and charcoal deposit with burnt earth in the Northeastern corner which may be some sort of surface, as well as some type of charcoal pit in the far Western wall. The anomalous white caliche was excavated to about 70cm below surface level until at which point it returned to the typical reddish soil containing cultural material.

In the Eastern 1×2 (N95-96 E505-507) the line of the wall reappeared in stratum 2, level 2 and continues in a Southeastward direction. There are two pieces of sandstone located to the south of the wall which were most likely part of the wall itself but fell off at some later time. This idea is reinforced by the nature of the Eastern wall, which is two stones high in some places but only one in others, indicating it was probably a full two courses in its original form.

North of the trenches and pink buckets, Annelise Doll can be seen looking up at the overhead camera operated by Team Awesome Crew Chief Matt Gallon and myself. To the Northwest of Annelise you can see our very own Pickaxe Punx Crew Chief Uthara’s orange notebook (containing all paperwork related to the excavation) sporting our logo. Pickaxe Punx – moving dirt until the end!


PP logo - watch out for it!


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