Posted by: Molly Ray | June 28, 2007

Structure 1: June 28, 2007

Today we continued excavation in the trench and found extensive evidence of wall fall. Interestingly, this week we also found what has been suggested to be adobe brick which would be 100 years before regularly dated at Homol’ovi. Yesterday we took samples of the brick to take into the lab for further analysis. We were excited to find parts of the charred roof this week and are hoping to reach the floor within the next 50 cm’s. We also surrounded the unit with pinflags so as to prevent a disasturous fall, after all we are 260 cm deep at this point. As we continue to dig we are looking for the flood deposit because from previous excavations we know that this stratigraphic layer will precede the floor. Soon we will stop using the pick axe and be limited to digging with trowels, patiches, and mutts.



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