Posted by: Annelise | July 3, 2007

South Extramural Area: July 3, 2007

The Punks have been moving some serious dirt in the last couple days, finishing the N95-96 E505-509 trench, begining a new trench directly to the east of it, and excavating not one, but two features in the N95-96 E503-505 trench. One feature was an ashy pit found in the western wall of the trench, which was excavated below sterile soil. The second feature was an ashy pit found in a gap in the wall, much like the one found in the N96-97 E 501-503 trench. Float samples from each feature were sent into the lab. In all three of these newer trenches we have been finding small river pebbles, which are not of extreme archaeological significance since they are simply from seasonal flooding, but they are interesting nonetheless. The number of artifacts has been decreasing overall as we move farther east, though we have found one bone, a groundstone and a small projectile point that looks as it if was reworked into a drill. Other than that, we’re following the wall as fast as we can.



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