Posted by: Kate Hammond | July 3, 2007

Structure 1: July 3, 2007

In structure one this week we extended our unit to the south in order to follow the wall.  Because of the extreme amount of wall slump it has been difficult to decifer the shape of the structure.  Hopefully with the extention of the unit we will be able to determine whether the kiva is round or rectangular,  just in case the floor features do not tell us as much as we are hoping.  As of today we believe we are within 15cm of the floor!! We have hit the fudgy flood deposit, so the floor should be soon to come.  On the down side we suffered a casuality in the trench today. A member of team naked forgot that our unit was over 6 feet deep and that the first step was a doosy…but luckily only her ankle took the brunt of the fall.



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