Posted by: Becky Chan | July 3, 2007

Structure 2: July 3, 2007

Since our last update there has been a lot of progress in structure 2. Although it has not been as well preserved as we were hoping it would be, the crew has found evidence of the structure’s burned roof both in the 1 x 3 meter unit as well as the 1 x 1 meter unit. Of special interest in the 1 x 1 unit is evidence of a post hole that might have held a roof beam when the structure was still in use. In addition to roof excavations, a new 1 x 2 meter unit has been opened adjacent to the 1 x 1 meter unit on the north east side of the structure in an effort to determine whether the structure is rectilinear or circular. As the season begins to wind down, the main goal for the crew of structure 2 is to uncover the floor of the structure. By examining the floor we hope to be able to get a better idea of the shape of the structure, as well as what the structure was being used for.



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