Posted by: Madhumita Basu | July 6, 2007

South Extramural Area: July 6, 2007

Today we further uncovered sandstone slabs thinking that we might have found the corner of the wall. Right now it not clear at all where the wall turns but this area (N95-96, E 507-509) had a lot of wall fall whose boundaries we still need to clean up and define. There was a little bit of excitement within our group because after tracing the wall in a straight line, we have come upon a jumble of stone.

We laid out two new 1 x 1 units, one to the north and one to the east, as can be seen in the picture. Laying these units out were necessary because we found sandstone going into our 1 x 2 unit walls; this will help us see where the sandstone slabs lead us next. Stay tuned!



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