Posted by: Angela Mallard | July 10, 2007

East Extramural Area: July 10, 2007

Yesterday, I finally finished digging in the second unit from the right. Inside this unit, as Katy mentioned, were two features. One was a possible posthole; when screening the charcoal inside of it, I found one burned corrogated sherd. The other feature was probably used for cooking – it had a lot of ashy fill with bits of charcoal. The big news today, though, was that we decided Katy had almost certainly found the corner of the wall she was chasing (see the most southwestern unit in this photograph – you may be able to see the turn). We are now all excavating around rocks falling from our walls, because I am working to finish digging in our westernmost unit (not pictured). Hopefully, in the few days we have left, I will find the bottom of the wall from the main room block.  We also still hope Joseph can find a corner in his unit, but the rocks are so jumbled that we remain skeptical.



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