Posted by: Kate Hammond | July 10, 2007

Structure 1: July 10, 2007

We found floor today!! After being confused by two false floors, we were very happy to finally reach real floor. We have a possible hearth in the south west corner but we just barley clipped it so we will have to see if we can get an archeomagnetic sample out of it. We also have another feature in the center of the structure which we are not sure whether its a massive post hole or some sort of storage pit. Will’s two by two to the east was finished today. He was able to follow the wall, unfortunetely we are still not positive as to whether its round or rectangular. Our hypothesis at this point is that its rectangular with rounded corners. With only two more days left to dig we still have alot of work to do in the form of profiling, mapping the floor and excavating the features.



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