Posted by: Laura Ng | July 10, 2007

Structure 2: July 10, 2007

One of our main goals for this structure has been completed – we hit the floor in our 1×3 unit! We discovered not one, but two floors in the 1×3 trench, just like we had in the adjacent unit. Many mano fragments and a large broken metate were on top of the first floor we found. The broken manos and metate might have been thrown in as trash after the structure was no longer in use.  

In this picture, Danielle and I cutting back the first floor so that we can reveal the original floor.


Below is one of the features we have in our structure. It is one of two round hearths we found earlier in the season. Today we uncovered the geocloth and backfill we had piled on top of the hearths so that Becky could take out all the ash and charcoal. She actually had to use an ice cream scoop at one point because the middle of this hearth had very hard ash. The hard ash means that the last fire that burned in there was very, very hot.



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