Posted by: Robert Holcombe | July 12, 2007

Structure 2: July 12, 2007

Today was the day…the last day of digging. It seemed to arrive very quickly and we hurried to complete the final necessary tasks. A team of two completed the archeomag samples which absorbed much of the day. Though a time consuming process, these samples provide a unique opportunity to date the structure, and therefore the site, more accurately. Additionally, at the base of the rock fall excavated in the eastern end of the unit (the top edge of the photo), the team uncovered the stone lining of the ventilator opening. Finally, in the left portion of the photo, Danielle can be seen mapping the wall stratigraphy. This task serves as the final data gathering step of the dig. Tommorrow we will back-fill the structure. In this final step, the team lines the entire structure with geocloth and re-buries it. This allows the structure to remain preserved for future excavations. To conclude, the last six weeks have proven busy yet insightful and the entire team will undoubtedly walk away with a sense of accomplishment and a better understanding of archaeological practices and techniques. str-2-07-12-07web.jpg


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