Posted by: Kieren Smyers | June 8, 2008

Finding Pit Structures: June 9, 2008

Our crew chief, Matt, chose our site based on the geophysical map. Matt used the map to select an area where two pit houses may be hidden beneath the soil. So far we have mapped and measured a few locations using surveying equipment. We are recording elevation so we know how much dirt we’ll need to refill our holes at the end of the program. Lisa can later use our measurements to interpret the site, learning more about the way the structures in the pithouse village were organized.  Our measurements will also provide a record for anyone who’d like to build on our studies. In the photo below, we are laying 2×1 meter grids to help manage our excavation. Preparing the site included a lot of weed pulling and insect battling. Tomorrow the real digging begins and we hope to find a pit house to excavate by Friday!


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