Posted by: petersugus | June 13, 2008

Extramural Testing: June 13, 2008

It has been a long dirt-filled week since Nathaniel’s post, and we have quite a trench going.  As he explained, we are excavating the extramural area between the large community structure and the jacal room block.  As we dug, espectially in the two units (1x2m boxes) on the left of the picture we uncovered pottery sherds, flakes from the production of stone tools, a few bones from small animals, a section of a shell bracelet, and small pockets of charcoal, all consistent with the area being used as a trash dump.  It was in Leslie’s unit (to the right of the arrow) where things got really interesting.  She uncovered the wall of a pit structure, which can be seen as the lighter part on the right side of that unit.  Since there are two kinds of pit houses (basically, round and square) from two very different periods that are both found at Homol’ovi, it’s imporant for us to know what kind of building it is.  We were expecting to uncover the opposite wall of the structure in one of the units on the left, but we never uncovered any kind of barrier.  Several theories have come up about what kind of structure the Magical Mystery Wall might be part of, and nothing has panned out.  Accordingly, Leslie opened up a new unit (bottom of frame) to follow the wall and datermine what it belongs to.  With the goal of finally finding out about the other side of the structure, Chuck Adams, director of the Homol’ovi Research Program, arrived today and began excavating a unit beyond the far left of the photo, just after this picture was taken.  We have also decided to continue our explorations of the extramural area, by extending the trench beyond the right side of the frame.  The yellow measuring tapes at the right are being used to measure out Nathaniel and Katherine’s new unit, and Stephanie and I have opened one beyond theirs.  With any luck, we should have a lot more to report by the next posting. 


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