Posted by: Robin Yim | June 13, 2008

Finding Pit Structures: June 13, 2008

Greetings curious blog-readers!

So the first week of digging is now coming to an end. And as expected we have answered many of the questions we’ve asked ourselves and are now asking more. Based on the geophysics surveys, we concluded that there was some sort of structure (possibly a pithouse) where we were digging. Notice how in the picture the left side of the trench is colored differently from the right side of the trench (see photo below). This tells us that there was a pithouse structure in this area (the inner area of the pithouse is the darker, right side). So based on the fact that there is a pithouse structure here we can conclude that the date of the structure to be anywhere from 1200 to 800 years ago. We originally thought that the pithouse structure was round/circular, which would set the date of the structure to be around 1200 years ago. However, there have been some debates as to whether the structure is round or square (square structures would put the date closer to 800 years ago). To resolve this disagreement we are going to open another 1×2 meter unit north (toward the bottom of the photograph). We are also going to open a 2mx2m unit in the northeast of our trench to look for another possible structure. Till next time fans and true-believers!



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