Posted by: Katherine Carlton | June 20, 2008

Extramural Testing: June 20, 2008

This past week has been very eventful in terms of uncovering new structures in our extramural area, which now looks pretty crowded and not so “extramural” anymore. Chuck Adams continued excavating his 1 X 2 meter unit off to the left side of the first picture, and finally found part of the wall of the previously excavated community structure. Since that community structure was dug into the sterile soil of the ancient ground surface, Nathaniel and I went back to the unit that we excavated last week just to the right of Chuck’s (seen in the first picture below) and tried to take it deeper to get to the sterile soil. In doing that, we uncovered part of a hearth (in the center of the first picture), that we believe was outdoors, though we are uncertain about when it would have been used. We hope to take an archaeomagnetic sample of the feature to determine when it was last used. We then continued on to the unit seen in the right of the first picture and tried to take that down to the sterile soil level. On the right side of that unit, just visible in the far right side of the first picture, we uncovered what looks to be a small pit feature with a post hole next to it. We plan on excavating those two features starting next week. Peter and Stephanie opened up a new unit to the west of our trench (seen in the center of the second picture), and uncovered what looks to be the Western wall of the round pit structure that Leslie excavated last week. It also looks like Peter and Stephanie have another beginning of a curving wall that can be seen on the right side of the second picture. It has several preserved post holes in the wall, but we’re not sure yet exactly how and when this structure was used. In the second picture, Leslie is starting a new unit to the west so she can continue to trace that wall. Hopefully by next week we’ll understand much more about that structure, as well as the pit and post hole that Nathaniel and I are excavating. Check back then for what I’m sure will be more exciting and informative details!


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