Posted by: wohltjhm | June 20, 2008

Finding Pit Structures: June 20, 2008

This week we continued our search for the second pithouse. At the beginning of the week we were really excited because it looked as though we had uncovered a square pithouse in our first large 2 meter by 2 meter trench. However, as you can tell from the picture below, the small oval shaped feature in the right hand side of the trench is a tad bit too small for someone to live in. The features you see below were actually storage pits that people probably used primarily to store corn. Later, after people stopped using them for storage, they became prehistoric trash cans. Because they were used for this purpose, we have found quite a few interesting things in them. For the most part, there have been the usual ceramic sherds, flaked stone pieces and animal bone. However, there were also several tiny stone or shell pendants, pieces of smooth groundstone, and a projectile point located there. We are going to continue excavating parts of these storage pits/ trash middens invidually while we also continue digging survey trenches in the hopes of finding the elusive square pithouse.


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