Posted by: Anneliese Bruegel | June 20, 2008

Jacal Roomblock: June 20, 2008

Since last week we have expanded out into three new units in order to specifically determine the location of the north wall and to define the eastern wall. We expanded to our north, the east, and adjacent to our orginal unit to the south east. Our original goal from last week was to find the north wall, and a few days ago in a bottom layer of the unit we excavated last week we found large sandstone pieces that form the second course of the North Wall located beneath the top layer of stacked sandstone, which can be seen along the northern wall (North is toward the left in the picture) of the orginal square unit from last week (which is the large square on the bottom right). In the picture below it is the line of sandstones running from the bottom to top just left of the center. In the unit to the north of the north wall (the unit farthest to the left), more wall fall was discovered, and there is evidence to suggest another wall, which we believe is located perpendicular to the north wall in the eastern end of the new unit.

The two new units to the east have clearly defined the previously known east wall, and have revealed a second course of stone beneath the top layer of sandstone (In the picture below the east in located toward the top of the picture). Another wall was also discovered in the unit to the immediate east of our original unit, and another possible wall along the southern boundary of the new unit to the south east (located in the top righthand corner of the picture below).

Two interesting finds from this week were a mano (grinding stone) located inside the north wall and was possibly recycled into the wall, and a matate (the stone that would have been the bottom grinding stone) that appears to have been recycled and used in the building of one of the new walls found in the new eastern unit.


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