Posted by: Leslie Aragon | June 27, 2008

Extramural Testing: June 27, 2008

Since last week, there has been a lot going on in the extramural testing area. In the top photo, you can see where Peter and Stephanie have opened up another unit to try to figure out what is happening with their wall. They haven’t been able to trace where it goes, so now they are going to start excavating down into the structure to the left of the wall to see if they can find the floor and trace out the rest of it from there. There is not much going on in the middle picture besides the sterile ancient ground surface. In the unit on the far left of the picture was a very shallow trash pit that we think dates to the 1100-1200 AD occupation and abandonment. The bottem picture shows the continuation of our trench after we jumped a small road. In the unit on the right side of the picture, Katherine and Nathaniel excavated down to the ancient ground surface and found a small feature that may be a hearth, because there were a lot of burnt artifacts in it. I have just begun to excavate the unit to the left of theirs and then we are going to start heading south, (toward where our tools are in the picture). Check back next week for more exciting and up to the minute information from HUROP!


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