Posted by: Vally AG | June 27, 2008

Finding Pit Structures: June 27, 2008

Our grand quest for the elusive square pit house has continued this week as we expanded our trenches to the north. By Wednesday we had come across the corner and relatively straight line seen in the second photograph. Because as they overlap, we suspect that these are what is left of two different pit features. We have spent the latter part of the week digging down on both the west and east (note the foot and shovel) sides of our trench in order to better determine the shape and purpose of these pits.

In addition to hunting square pit houses, we have also excavated the northwest quarter of the two smaller pits we uncovered last week to determine which period they are from. We will be using the ceramics found inside the pits to relatively date when they were used. So far all the ceramics removed from both pits point to them being from the later Peublo 3 inhabitation, making them contemporaries of our still missing square pit house. The shallow, more northerly one we suspect was used for roasting, both because of its depth (or lack there of) and the large amountof burnt material, including fire damaged rocks, that were pulled out of it. The southern pit we are beginning to believe was used for a similar purpose. The walls are white from fire damage and there is a large amount of ash, charcoal and burnt animal bones in its lower levels. This upcoming week we will be finishing excavations on the southern pit (whose bottom is still missing) as well as determine what sort of feature is attatched to that corner.


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