Posted by: Kieren Smyers | July 4, 2008

Finding Pit Structures: July 4, 2008

This week each crew member found themselves in one of four solitary pits. Needless to say, it was a very busy week! Work on the southernmost pit continued as Valerie opened up a second quadrant to better see the workings of her hole. Though we initially suspected a regularly shaped storage pit, the newly discovered slope from shallow to deep hints at a roasting pit of some sort. It’s design is oddly similar to the corn roasting pit recently dug for Suvoyuki Day. White walls are another clue that this pit had seen some intense heat.

The almost square shape discovered last Friday has been tackled this week. This excavation area can be seen in the center of the picture below. Though only half of the feature has been dug, suspicions about a possible pit house are being examined. What was once thought of as a possible entrance (the southernmost part of the pit) has now been exposed as a small pit within the bigger pit. Next week’s excavations should shed more light on what’s actually going on in this feature, and whether or not it’s our pit house.

To the right of the central pit, another strange area has been uncovered. Like the pit next door, this area also showcases a small pit within a larger one. The smaller pit didn’t contain much besides a partial ceramic vessel, but the larger area is filled with tons of animal bones. Our goal in excavating this area is to get a good look at the wall’s profile. This profile is already showing signs of seasonal/temporary occupations, with dirt levels alternating between trash and sterile soil. Further excavation should clue us into the use of this pit and the migratory habits of its creators.

Last, but not least, is our area’s hearth. This feature can be seen on the left side of the picture. Though not very deep, this area was filled with burnt stone slabs and lots of charcoal. Today we reburied the feature to protect it until we’re able to get a C14 sample, which will allow us to date it.


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