Posted by: Zach Bennett | July 4, 2008

Jacal Roomblock: July 4, 2008

Since last week we have been very busy bringing all four of our units down to the same level. In this picture all of the units are roughly 55-60 cm deep. Since digging down further we were able to expose and remove more rocks that collapsed off the wall so now our units are predominately rock free. Hurray! Now that we are past the rocks we are digging in the cultural material deposited after the structure was abandoned. We also uncovered several features. Most were pits filled with ash and artifacts that we excavated to discover their purpose. One of them which you can see in the shadow between the rock wall and the eastern edge of the excavated area may be a mealing area where the inhabitants of the village ground their corn. On the western edge of the excavation are two features. The one to the north may be a hearth and the one south of it is still too ambiguous to identify. The northern area near the hearth has yielded some very large pieces of burned pottery possibly indicating a cooking area. The area surrounding the mealing pit had a lot of unburned animal bone that may be where they butchered small game like rabbits and some large game. We are planning to continue to excavate the other areas until we reach sterile soil or the point at which we no longer find artifacts. This should be within the next two days. We will also be excavating the other ashy areas we identified as features. Hopefully we will be able to accomplish all of this before the end of the dig.


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