Posted by: wohltjhm | July 11, 2008

Finding Pit Structures: July 11, 2008

Our last week at Homol’ovi has definitely been an exciting one! At the end of last week, we had a large number of pits and only a vague idea of what many of them were used for. This week, however, we were able to learn a lot more about their possible uses. The round pit in the center of the picture and the oddly shaped pits in the lower right hand side of the picture are all believed to be “borrow” pits. This means that the people who lived in the village were using them to extract clay. This clay possibly could have been used to make the plaster that can be seen on the walls of the pithouses in the adjacent group’s units.

This week we also began excavating the round pithouse we found the first week of excavation. We wanted to make sure that the pit was in fact round and that its shape hadn’t been affected by the collapse of walls (wall fall) or rodent disturbance. From what we can tell after taking the pit down two more layers it is still pretty round. However, we also found yet another pit that had been carved into the larger structure. You can see this smaller intrusive pit on the left hand side of the picture where the sediment looks whiter and rougher.

Overall, we have learned a lot from our excavations during the past five weeks. We didn’t find the elusive square pithouse (it turns out it was across the road in another group’s unit), but we still learned a lot about the lifestyles of the people who lived here from the pits we did find.


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