Posted by: Robin Yim | July 11, 2008

Hopi Corn Roasting Pit: July 11, 2008

Today was the beginning of phase two of our Corn Roasting pit experiment! First, lined the bottom of the pit with some hearth stones, which will help maintain and, I’m assuming, circulate the heat throughout the pit. Then came the fun part- lighting the fire. The pit was filled with mainly bark and greasewood branches. We got the fire hot enough to turn the lining of the pit white. The fire got so hot that the walls of the pit actually started to crumble from the heat! Once the pit was hot enough, it was extinguished and loaded to the brim with corn. The pit was then covered back up again by way of metal sheeting and burying the sheets with a mix of water and sand, which will keep the heat inside the pit and cook the corn. Tomorrow will be Suvoyuki Day where we will uncover and feast on the roasted corn! Yum!!!


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