Posted by: Zach Bennett | August 7, 2009

Faunal Analysis: summer 2009

faunal remains from Creswell Pueblo, Structure 1

faunal remains from Creswell Pueblo, Structure 1

So far this summer i have been doing the animal bone analysis from Creswell Peublo.  We have been focusing our efforts on structure 1 and 2, both pit structures possibly kivas.  It’s been an exciting process that never ceases to produce surprises.  Some of the more notable ones came from Structure 1.  Three layers produced  wide variety of animals not normally seen in other areas.  These finds included 4 bones of a badger paw with several cut marks, 4 bones from a loon wing, and several other bones from numerous smaller birds that are making their first appearance in the Homol’ovi archaeological record.

wing bones of a loon

wing bones of a loon

The process of analyzing the bones is pretty straightforward.  First I take out all the bones from each bag and brush off all the dirt and ash.  After each one is clean I identify what body part it is and then what animal it belongs to along with noting if it was burned, modified, chewed on by rodents or carnivores, and what condition it is in.  We use a set numerical code to enter each item of information onto a sheet of paper and then enter it into our database.  Soon we will begin comparing the types of animals recovered from Creswell Pueblo from those previously analyzed from the pithouse village, AZ J:14:36.


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