2009 SAA posters

For the 2009 Society for American Archaeology meetings, I organized a poster session on several of the public outreach projects at Homol’ovi.  The session was entitled:  Sharing Archaeology with the Public: Examples from the Homol’ovi Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.  HUROP students presented posters that discussed the process of creating their public outreach projects and what they learned by participating in the project.

Lisa Young’s poster discussed the integration of public outreach and undergraduate education in a field setting.

Claire Barker and Stephanie Owens discussed creating exhibits for the Homol’ovi Ruins State Park Visitors’ Center.

Danielle Forsyth and Hannah Wohltjen documented the creation of the podcast or audiotour for the largest pueblo site in the Park, Homol’ovi II.

Leslie Aragon and Aaron Bobik described their study of what we learned from visitor’s questions during site tours.

Kate Frederick, Beck Chan, and Jennifer Beyer discussed the Homol’ovi Teachers Days and the development of a site-based curriculum.

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